Is Camping Allowed In Rishikesh (In 2024)?

“Absolutely Yes, camping in Rishikesh is completely allowed and legal”.

Rishikesh is one of the most popular camping spots in India, which provides an open environment with charming surroundings, the majestic river Ganga, and a clear blue sky.

That’s why it attracts countless camping enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Even after, Covid 19, several natural disasters, and banning procedures, the camping status is still growing and thriving.

But, the main question is – Where you can camp freely in Rishikesh? And, what are the rules or guidelines you need to follow, for a safe and secure camping experience?

To get a clear idea of this situation, keep reading.

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1. Is Camping Allowed in Rishikesh?

Yes, Of Course!

Generally, you can camp anywhere in Rishikesh, as long as you follow the guidelines, choose a secluded place, and keep the environment safe.

In fact, you don’t even need permission or something, for camping in Rishikesh. Although, I would recommend getting permission If you are camping in the main city, especially riverside camping.

You have many camping options, like riverside camping, forest camping, mountain camping, and beach camping.

All of these places provide a unique and pleasant environment, that captivates thousands of visitors.

Some of the best places for camping are –

  • Towards Shivpuri
  • Neelkanth Road
  • Byasi
  • Badrinath road
  • Marine Drive
  • Tapovan
  • Phoolchatti
  • Dhunar Gaon
  • And so on.

But, there is a little catch.

Four camps in the middle of mountains and greenery of Rishikesh

Source – Instagram

Mountains and forests are completely fine for camping purposes, but the problem comes in the riverside, beach, and the main city of Rishikesh.

But, there are other things to consider and information that need your attention. So, let’s dive deep into this topic.

2. Where Camping is Allowed in Rishikesh?

Now, you have an answer, camping is allowed in Rishikesh.

But the main question is – where?

During my experience, I found 4 different spots for camping in Rishikesh, and all of them are amazing in their own way.

a) Riverside

First, we have the most famous camping spot in Rishikesh, Riverside Camping.

Generally, riverside camping is allowed in Rishikesh, but the exact answer depends on your location.

Like, if you are planning to camp near the main city, then you should consider getting permission from the nearest forest ranger or authority. Some suitable places are – Jaanki Bridge, Ram Jhula and so on.

Even, The NGT of Uttarakhand has allotted 25 spots for camping between the calm belt of Shivpuri and Kaudiyala.

Source – Instagram

But if you are fine by walking, then choose a secluded place. Walk some km down the roads towards, Neelkanth, Shivpuri, Badrinath, etc, you will come across many riverside camping spots, where you can camp freely and without any permission.

Camping on the riverside will provide numerous benefits, like water supply, moderate temperature, peaceful surroundings, and a meditation environment.

b) Mountain

If you are a fan of gorgeous scenery and thrilling adventure, then consider Mountain Camping.

You won’t need permission, as most of the mountain camping spots are already in a remote or secluded area.

But, I let you know in advance, that it will take some time before you find a suitable spot, maybe an hour or something. But, when you find one, you will be amazed by the views, weather, and activities it offers.

Most foreign tourists, vloggers, and Youtubers also choose this camping spot, as it gives them a new experience.

We tried to camp here once, but it took almost an hour before we found a suitable camping spot. But the spot was spectacular.

Some amazing mountain camping spots lies on the Badrinath and Neelkandth roads, Shivpuri, Kaudiyala, and Byasi.

c) Beach

If you have a lust for beaches, then you can try beach camping in Rishikesh. Another famous camping spot in Rishikesh.

The rules and regulations for beach camping are almost the same as for river-side camping. Like, for the main city, seek permission, and otherwise, permission is not necessary, just choose a hidden or secluded spot.

The benefits are also the same: continuous water supply, pleasant surroundings, gorgeous weather, and so on.

But, it’s a little more dangerous than riverside camping, because the river can easily wash away a lot of sand. So, be cautious.

Some amazing spots are – Badrinath Road, Neelkant Road, Shivpuri, Kaudiyala, Byasi, etc.

d) Jungle

Next, you can choose the forest as your camping spot.

As its name suggests, you will camp in a quiet, evergreen, and nature-rich environment in the middle of a jungle.

Camping in the forest will provide some health benefits, like fresh air, peaceful surroundings for meditation, and some adventurous activities such as birdwatching, etc.

Jungle camping

Source – Instagram

And, there is no need for permission. Just don’t harm the environment and nature.

Also, keep in mind, that it’s in the middle of a forest, so there is also the danger of wild animals and getting lost.

Pro tip – Don’t go too deep into the forest.

Some amazing forest camping spots are Shvpuri, Neelkanth Road, Badrinath Road, Byasi, etc.

Outside view from a Camp on mountains

Source – Instagram

3. Who can Camp in Rishikesh?

Everyone, from all over the world is free to camp in Rishikesh. There are no restrictions regarding your nationality, citizenship, age, gender, caste, religion etc

But if you have any doubt regarding, who can camp in Rishikesh. Then, here we have discussed it in brief.

a) Is camping allowed in Rishikesh for foreigners?


Even if you’re from a different country, camping in Rishikesh is totally legal for you. However, it’s crucial to consider the following factors/documents before setting up your camp:

  • Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel pass for Uttarakhand
  • Permission

b) Is Camping Allowed in Rishikesh for Solo Travellers?


You can try solo camping in Rishikesh, just choose a suitable camping spot, like riverside, beach, and mountain.

Pro Tip – Don’t camp in the forest alone.

And, these spots should be at a fair distance from the main city, like an isolated, remote, and secluded place.

There is no need for permission and nobody takes it anyway.

A boy sitting outside the camp which is pitched on the mountain.

Source – Instagram

It would suggest, mountain camping, just a short distance with some trekking, you can camp in the middle of mountains and nature.

c) Is Camping Allowed in Rishikesh for Family?

Again, the answer is Yes.

But make sure to pay extra attention to backpacking and choose a spot that is suitable for every family member.

A group of three peoples sitting on the camping chairs on a mountain

Source – Instagram

I will recommend you to get permission, so you won’t create any trouble for your family.

d) Is Camping Allowed in Rishikesh for Couples?

Yes, camping is allowed for couples in Rishikesh.

And in my suggestion, the white sand beaches of Rishikesh on the river side of Ganga is the perfect spot.

A couple sitting on the camping chair looking at the sceneries

Source – Instagram

Suited best for couples, here you will find solitude, amazing weather, cool breezes, beautiful sunsets, and a romantic moment.

There is no legal or specific time for camping in Rishikesh, camping is allowed throughout the year. So, you can camp whenever you want.

However, there are some ideal months, that are best suited and recommended for the best camping experience, but there are also worst months, that should be avoided.

Generally, September to March is the ideal time for camping.

During the day, the weather is warm but pleasant, the scenery is gorgeous, the sky is clear and other activities like rafting are also available. Then at night, you can enjoy a bonfire or go hibernate in your camp.

Then we have the monsoon season. Generally, in Rishikesh, the monsoon season lasts for two months, July and August. And, they are considered the worst time for camping, because of unexpected rains, strong winds, very cool temperatures, and some natural disasters, like landslides and floods.

So, I will recommend you to avoid the monsoon season and try camping from September to March.

5. In Which Places Can You Camp Freely?

Normally, you can camp anywhere in Rishikesh, but the location should be secluded, remote, quiet, and a bit far from the main city.

A black color camp in the middle of a forest in Rishikesh

Source – Instagram

But, let’s discuss every option one by one.

  • You can camp anywhere, as long as it is a remote and uninhabited spot.
  • For this, just follow the roads towards the side, and you will come across many good spots like mountains, jungle, etc.
  • You can also camp in the main city, but consider seeking permission, Especially, if you are planning to camp on the riverside.
  • Near Jaanki Bridge and Ram Jhula are also a good spot.
  • But, you can camp anywhere until it is 100 meters away from the river.
  • Just follow the rivers towards any side, and you will find some amazing riverside and beach camping spots.
  • The mountain is also an ideal place for camping. But you had to do a little trekking, which is a great experience in itself.

6. Can I Use my Own Tent in Rishikesh?

Generally Yes!

You can use your own camping tent, but only if you are camping in a remote, inhibited or secluded location.

Follow the roads towards a destination (To Shivpuri, Badrinath, or Neelkanth), there you will find many riverside, forest, and mountain spots, where you can camp freely.

But, if you want to take permission, then contact The District Forest Officer / Divisional Forest Officer / Wildlife warden / Deputy Director of the respective forest or wildlife area, etc.

2 camping tents in night in Rishikesh

Source – Instagram

Most of the private lands won’t allow you to put your own tent as that will affect their business, and if it’s a government site, then it will be considered trespassing.

a) Can I use my Own Tents to Camp in Shivpuri, Rishikesh?


In Shivpuri, there are infinite camping spots, where you can pitch your own tent. Just make sure, the place is a little secluded, inhabited, and far from the resorts.

Don’t camp near a reputed or private camping resort or spot. It will affect their business, and they won’t compromise with it.

You can also ask the cafe or landowners if they allow you or just give them 200–300 INR and maybe they will allow you.

However, I recommend you check for any specific regulations or guidelines or contact nearby forest officers.

7. Do we Need Permission to Camp in Rishikesh?

It’s Optional!

Generally, people don’t seek permission to camp in Rishikesh, and I’ve never heard of any cases where they faced consequences or fines.

Just make sure to choose a remote, secluded area that is a little far from the crowd. That includes mountains, forests, riverside, and beach camping.

Some examples are Shivpuri, Byasi, Badrinath Road, and Neelkanth Road.

But, if you are planning to camp in the main city of Rishikesh, then consider seeking permission.

Some areas like Jaanki Bridge, mountains, and forests are also good places, and maybe you can camp here without permission.

Permission is just an assurance, that you can camp with a free mind without any tension or problem.

a) How to Take Permission and E Pass for Rishikesh

Get your permission from the District Forest Officer/Divisional Forest Officer/Wildlife warden/Deputy Director of the respective forest or wildlife area

But, no matter what you do, get your E-Travel Pass in advance. (Web portal)

It is your permission to travel to Uttarakhand. And, you can easily get it from the Dehradun smart city web portal.

8. History

The history of camping in Rishikesh is not very interesting and thrilling, but it’s worth your attention.

For example, once NGT completely banned riverside camping, To save the environment, but due to public demand and their sincerity, they allowed some sites for camping.

Let’s take a look at the complete history.

a) Act 1

Before 2015 camping was legal in most parts of Rishikesh, like the Forests, Riverside, mountains, etc, and many people used to camp there.

But, on 10 December 2015, due to overwaste and pollution in Gang River, the NGT (National Green Tribe) of India, completely banned riverside camping.(Source)

No camping sign board

Source – Google

Chairperson Swatanter Kumar announced that This ban was valid in the entire calm belt from Kaudilaya to Rishikesh.

Kaudiyala is a small village located 40 km from Rishikesh on Badrinath Road.

Maybe, it’s not a good choice for camping and adventure seekers, but it played a major role in the cleansing of the Ganga River

However, you can have camp here, but after getting permission through the State, and MSW (Municipal Solid Waste). And, have to carry all the garbage and trash from the camping site and inform the MSW.

During, this time time rafting was not affected, as it didn’t cause much pollution and was carried regularly.

b) Act 2

After 2 years, on 2 March 2017, this ban was altered. The NGT allowed 25 camping sites on the riverside And allowed every other river-side camping if the camping site was at least 100 meters away from the River Ganga. (Source)

River Ganga filled with rafters

During all of these, other camping spots, like mountains, jungles, secluded areas were not affected.

c) Result

Currently, camping is thriving and growing in Rishikesh.

Right now, you can camp anywhere in Rishikesh as long it is an isolated, remote, and quiet area.

“You can even camp in the city, but choose only designated areas and don’t camp too near the river. Acquiring permission would be great, although not compulsory.”

Even, the NGT has allowed 25 sites from Shivpuri to Kaudiyala near the Ganga River for camping. So, that tourists can still enjoy the riverside camping.

9. Is Rishikesh Good for Camping?

Now, we know that camping in Rishikesh is completely allowed, and also where, when, and for whom.

But, now the real question is – ‘Is Camping in Rishikesh worth it’.

Well, I can present some reasons for it. So, keep reading.

  • Picture perfect location.
  • It’s serene and cool weather.
  • Amazing sceneries and gorgeous views.
  • Thrilling camping spots.
  • Crime rate of 18.68.
  • The Ganga River.
  • Different types of camping, like Riverside, Beach, Forest, and Mountain camping.
  • Many legal campsites and resorts.
  • Riverside camping in Ganga.
  • Other activities, like rafting, hiking, bungee jumping, etc.
  • Spiritual power of Rishikesh.
  • Many attractions to see.

10. Is it Safe to Camp in Rishikesh?

Generally, Rishikesh is safe for everyone, and the cases of any mishaps and unsafe activity are very low.

Rishikesh holds the second-lowest crime rate in India and a safety index of 81.32, which is better than average. And, that means only one thing. Rishikesh is safe and secure for everyone. (Source)

Some minor crimes in Rishikesh are –

  • Pickpocketing
  • Minor Robberies
  • Scams

You just have to follow the basic guidelines and take the necessary precautions, and you will be fine.

Even, the people of Rishikesh are very friendly and you can rely on them, for safety, navigation, and information purposes. They will try their best to help you out.

Rishikesh is also prone to earthquakes, floods and landslides. But, that won’t interfere with your trip.

Still, there are 20 landslide, and 11 land-subsidence zones along Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway.

In short, some natural disasters are common in Rishikesh, like

  • Earthquakes (High)
  • Flooding (High)
  • Flash flooding (Moderate)
  • landslides (Moderate)

11. Guidelines and Tips

There are some guidelines and tips you should follow for a safe and easy camping experience.

  • Camping near the Ganga River is not allowed, only after 100 meters.
  • Swimming without a life jacket is also restricted.
  • Try to find a secluded, remote, and quiet place for camping, there would be no restrictions.
  • If you are visiting Rishikesh from a different state, then register yourself in the smart city portal.
  • Follow “Leave No Trace” principles, and do not disturb the local flora and fauna
  • Do not pollute rivers or water bodies.
  • Keep the fire small and under control, and never leave it unattended.
  • Respect wildlife and maintain a safe distance. Do not feed or disturb animals.
  • Keep noise levels to a minimum, especially during quiet hours.
  • Check weather forecasts before heading out.
  • Abide by the camping duration limits set by authorities.


1. Where is the camping ban in Rishikesh?

Ans – From the river band and up to 100 meters areas are prohibited for camping. So, try to avoid this particular area. You can camp at a distance of 100 meters from the riverside.

2. What is glamping?

Ans – Glamping is another type of camping, which comes from two words, Glamorous and camping.
In this camping, you get all the luxurious facilities without any effort.
In simple words, booking a camping resort

3. Which month is best for camping in Rishikesh?

Ans – September to June is the perfect time for camping. It got a wide variety of weathers.

4. Are there places, where camping is not allowed in Rishikesh?

Ans – Yes, camping on the riverside is banned in Rishikesh upto 100 metres. It’s done to preserve the Ganga River and its surroundings.
Although you can get permission from the forest officer for beach camping.

Wrap Up

So, in short, I will say that camping is completely legal and allowed in Rishikesh, as long as you follow the rules and regulations.

If you follow them, then it is one of the most famous camping spots in India.

And, not just camping. You can indulge yourself in various adventurous or meditated activities like rafting, trekking, meditating, or yoga.

Whether you visit solo, with friends, as a couple, or with a whole family, you will love this spiritual yet divine city.

Every spot, whether it is a mountain, jungle, riverside or beach is exceptionally fun and amazing

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