Camping Places In Uttarakhand: 10 Places For Adventure and Relaxation

If you’re tired of the daily hustle and longing for some adventure, camping in Uttarakhand could be a game-changer for you.

Renowned as one of the best camping hubs in India, Uttarakhand boasts a unique environment, pleasant weather, and diverse camping options.

In fact, in Uttarakhand, camping spots are everywhere – from districts to cities and even villages. So, finding the perfect one for your group can be a delightful challenge.

Rest assured, this blog will be your go-to guide, showcasing the best camping spots in Uttarakhand along with their highlights and overview.

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1. Understanding Camping in Uttarakhand

It is not wrong to say that Uttarakhand is the camping hub of India. With its breathtaking natural beauty, towering peaks, serene lakes and aseptic rivers, Uttarakhand offers numerous picture-perfect and pleasant locations for camping and other thrilling activities.

Don’t neglect the weather, locations, culture and overall geography aspects which make it a perfect camping destination.

It has a total of 13 districts with countless cities, villages, destinations and hill stations. And, every one of them offers a unique and suitable location for camping. So, it’s up to you, whether you want to camp in Rishikesh which is near other States or Chopta or another location that is in close proximity to the Himalayas.

In fact, if you want you can choose either to go self-camping or book a resort. Let’s discuss that too –

2. Self Camping or Resort?

Uttarakhand offers numerous self-camping sites, ranging from riverside and jungle settings to mountainous landscapes, each with its unique charm Plus, every location (that is suitable and popular for camping) has some amazing and luxury camping resorts, to ease your work.

So, if you want to camp yourself, then you are free to do so. Just pack your bag and reach your location. But, if you don’t want the trouble, then you can simply book a resort in your favorite camping destination and enjoy your trip.

Uttarakhand provides both facilities to make sure each visitor can enjoy their trip according to his/her convenience.

3. How to Choose the Right Camping Place?

A man trekking on mountain

Now, if you want to know, which factors you should consider or how to choose the right camping place, then here is a short checklist or things to consider.

i) Location – If you live in Uttarakhand, then you choose the nearest or best place from the list or if you are from any other state, you can pick one that is best and most suitable for you.

ii) Type – Camping also has types – Riverside, Jungle, Mountain, Beach, Resort etc. So, make sure to consult with your group and ask them their preference. generally, mountain and riverside camping is more popular. But booking a resort can be quite comfortable.

iii) Transport – Make sure to check whether the place or destination is easily accessible and in close proximity to a major city.

iv) Group Preference – Consider with your group the type, location, and timing of your camping trip, ensuring that the destination appeals to everyone’s interests.

v) Time – Consider the timing carefully. Determine whether your destination shines brightest in summer, winter, or spring. For instance, Auli is ideal during winter, while Chopta flourishes in spring.

4. Best Camping Places in Uttarakhand

Here are the best camping places in Uttarakhand, favored by adventure seekers and renowned for their popularity, along with exceptional visitor amenities.

i) Camping in Rishikesh

At the No. 1 position, we have Rishikesh. And it is easily the best destination for camping in Uttarakhand and maybe in the whole of India.

A campsite in Rishikesh

The holy chants, Ganga river bank, tall mountains, and so on create a picture-perfect camping spot. Moreover, it offers various types of camping, whether it is riverside, jungle, beach and mountain camping.

LocationRishikesh, Dehradun
Best timeWhole Year
TypeSelf and Resort

In fact, it has several dedicated camping spots for self-camping. Venture just a short distance from the main city and you will find yourself in the middle of a suitable campsite surrounded by lush nature.

And, for safety and legitimacy, it’s completely safe and legal, as long you stay away from the main city or book a camping resort.

Plus, you can even engage in some other fun and thrilling activities, like hiking, trekking, birdwatching, rock climbing and so on. It is also easily accessible and has many popular and amazing destination

ii) Camping in Auli

Next, we have Auli, the skiing capital of India. As its name suggests, it’s a hill station which is covered in ice during winter, but apart from it, it’s a wonderful camping spot.

Located at an altitude of 8,200 in the Himalayas, this place provides spectacular views and settings for camping and other activities.

Three camps in Auli with people standing on the cliff
LocationAuli, Chamoli
Best timeWinter
TypeSelf and Resort

Upon reaching, you will find a wide meadow (Bugyal) and plenty of oak and coniferous trees. This Bugyal is a perfect place for camping, or you can book a reputed resort that is also a wise option.

Transport might become a challenge, but besides this, Auli has all the necessary amenities to make your trip comfortable.

Plus, you will find plenty of jungle areas, so you can also camp there or go for nature walks. If you want more, consider engaging in short hikes near lush green Gurso Bugyal and Chattrakund Lake. Both of these are located amid woods.

Generally, the whole year is suitable for Auli, but if you wanna engage in winter activities, then the best time is November to March.

iii) Camping in Chopta

Chopta – Also known as the ”Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand”, might be the perfect place for camping after Rishikesh.

Some camps in Chopta

It has appropriate amenities, accommodations, transport and several amazing and spectacular campsites. Additionally, you can also enjoy the snow, if you visit in the winter season.

Best timeSpring
TypeSelf and Resort

The amazing thing is that – It is very unexploited, so it’s safe and its natural beauty is marvelous. Plus, it also has several meadows and trees like pine, deodar, and rhododendron trees.

These meadows are a perfect spot for camping and when you wake up, you can gaze at the spectacular sunrises right from your camp. You can also book a resort and ease your work.

Besides camping, Chopta is also the starting point of many popular treks, like the Chandrashila trek. Plus, you can also engage in bonfires, birdwatching, yoga etc. In short, this place is a perfect destination for camping and other thrilling activities with a touch of natural beauty.

iv) Nainital

Next, we have Nainital – One of the most famous hill stations in all over India and might be your next camping destination.

A camp in the middle of Bugyal in Nainital

The town is located at the height of 6,837 feet in Nainital district. Interestingly, the town is situated around a mango-shaped lake – Mallital. Well, Nainital is popular for its mesmerizing lakes, like pear-shaped, heart-shaped and so on.

Best timeSummer, Spring
TypeSelf and Resort

However, the outskirts have ample space for camping and adventure activities. If you crave more, you can engage in night treks, rock climbing, bird watching, rappelling, paragliding, bonfires and photography.

Moreover, It has countless mid to high-tier resorts or self-camping sites. So, there won’t be any issue regarding amenities and comfort. Plus, you will meet several other camping enthusiasts and family visitors.

Lastly, the best time to visit Nainital is summer and spring. Plus, the trip packages and other amenities are affordable.

v) Nag Tibba

The best part of Nag Tibba is its location – It is located in Dehradun and is in proximity to Mussoorie. Now, the altitude is a whopping 9,915 feet, so get ready to watch some awesome sceneries and the entire Dehradun Valley.

Some camps lined up on the cliff in Nag Tibba

It has plenty of safe and suitable campsites in appropriate locations. Just ask a local or discover yourself. Besides, if you want, you can book a resort to get rid of hard work.

LocationGarhwal, New Tehri
Best timeWhole Year
TypeSelf and Resort

During camp, you can explore dense oak and rhododendron forests, where you might encounter Uttarakhand’s exclusive wildlife, like Himalayan black bears and leopards.

Plus, the trek to the top is easy and super fun. You can go either with your friends or all by yourself. In fact, during the trek, you can find an echo spot, and try to scream your name there.

In the morning gaze at the marvelous sunrise and engage in some meditation and in night watch the clear illuminated night sky.

Lastly, the best time to visit Nag Tibba is either April to June or October to December. And make sure to get familiar with the routes, hotels, campsites, village and locals etc.

vi) Deoria Tal

A landscape of Deoria Tal

If you wanna camp amidst towering mountains, a majestic lake and gorgeous sceneries, then Deoria Taal might be a dream destination.

It’s a lake nestled on the top of a mountain at a height of 7,999 feet. And seriously, the Lake is gorgeous. Plus, there is ample space and meadows surrounding the lake, which is a perfect spot for camping, meditation and relaxation.

Best timeWhole Year
TypeSelf and Resort

Camping beside a lake or forest and getting a panoramic view of some significant ranges like Chaukhamba, Nilkantha, Kalanag and Kedar mountain ranges might be a memorable experience.

There is also a legend, that the gods used to bathe in this lake which makes it spiritual and holy. Moreover, you can visit the Saari village near which has friendly locals, who can guide you to history and some cool and amazing things.

In a nutshell, it is also one of the best tourist and trekking destinations of Uttarakhand, so, if you crave adventure with a camping experience

vii) Mukteshwar

Located in Jhandi Dhar hills, Mukteshwar is known as the Crown Jewel of Kumaon. In short, it is also a fantastic destination if you wanna camp amidst mountains and gorgeous scenery.

A scenic view of a camp on the top of Mukteshwar

From here you will get the picturesque scenery of Kedarnath Peak, Nanda Devi, Trisul Peak, and Shivling mountaintop.

Best timeSummer, Spring
TypeSelf and Resort

It has plenty of camping sites and options, like mountain camping, jungle camping, resorts etc. You’re free to set up your tent in legitimate areas, such as the jungle or mountains, as long as it falls within authorized zones, which are typically abundant.

Plus, you can also engage in other thrilling activities, like treks, rappelling, rock climbing, valley crossing, and campfire.

Surrounded by a huge number of Rhododendron and oak trees, Binsar also has its own Binsar Sanctuary to showcase its wildlife and biodiversity. In a nutshell, your camping experience will be memorable amidst the mother nature of Binsar.

viii) Dayara Bugyal

Two people trekking on Dayara Bugyal

If you’re seeking a unique experience, such as camping in a serene and quiet setting amidst expansive meadows where cattle graze freely, then Dayara Bugyal is an essential destination to explore.

Situated at a height of 11,000 feet, it is also known as the best ski slopes in India which is spread around 28 square kilometers. So, if you visit in winter, do check out the skiing facilities.

Best timeWhole Year
TypeSelf and Resort

Besides this, the place is completely safe and easy to explore, plus it consists of many vast open-like grounds, where you can walk, meditate, camp etc. Some of them are – Siyaari, Devi Kund, and Dodital.

It is also a resting and camping site for many treks (mainly the Dayara Bugyal trek – 8km). So, if you are done with camping or want a detour, make sure to try a short hike amidst these lush greenery and Himalayas.

Fun Fact – You can even camp in winter, when the Bugyal and the area get covered with thick snow or visit during the butter festival to engage with enthusiastic locals peoples. But you also need to pay extra attention during this time.

ix) Dodital

Next, we have a freshwater lake in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, known by the name Dodital. It is also renowned as the birthplace of Lord Ganesha.

Front view of Dodital

Located at an elevation of 9921 feet, this lake is quite vast, yet it provides ample space for camping along its banks. Therefore, there won’t be a shortage of water during camping. Plus, the view from the top and the natural surroundings are both picture-perfect.

Best timeWhole Year
TypeSelf and Resort

However, reaching this magnificent lake requires a trek from the Bhagirath valley. Yet, being surrounded by pine and oak trees, there are plenty of suitable campsites with gorgeous scenery, including views of the Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini ranges.

At the summit, you’ll find the Dwara top. The trek to Dodital culminates at the Dwara top, providing an amazing climax for your camping and adventure trip.

Moreover, you can visit almost any time of the year, as the weather, scenery, and surroundings remain consistent.

x) Kausani

To wrap up, here’s another fantastic camping destination in Almora, Uttarakhand that is Kausani.

A scenic view of a resort and landscape in Kausani

Situated at an impressive altitude of 1890 meters, this hill station offers breathtaking views of renowned Himalayan ranges such as Trisul, Nanda Devi, and Panchchuli.

Best timeWhole Year
TypeSelf and Resort

When selecting a camping location, you’re free to camp anywhere in the mountains (where feasible), ensuring you choose a safe spot with stunning scenery and perhaps a bit of nearby activity.

While there are several camping resorts available, it’s advisable to book in advance, especially during peak seasons. Nonetheless, the true essence of camping lies in self-camping and setting up your own tent.

Seek advice from locals or resort owners for some incredible camping spots, and in the meantime, consider indulging in other activities like trekking or nature walks.

5. Tips

Two peoples standing on a cliff watching the view together with a bike

Now, before you embark on your camping trip to any desired locations from above or from your preference, here are some tips and tricks to ease your work and aid you in making sure your trip is a successful and memorable one.

💡Book your hotel in advance.

💡Pay extra attention to packing.

💡Take some advice or suggestions before pitching your tent in an area with buildings and crowds.

💡You can pitch your tent on any secluded land.

💡Pack suitable clothes.

💡Don’t wander in suspicious and dangerous areas.

💡Pack some snacks and packed food.

💡Keep sleeping bags for comfortable sleep.


1. How much does it cost to camp in Uttarakhand?

Ans – The total cost of your camping trip entirely depends on the amenities, hotel quality, transport etc.

2. Is camping allowed in Jim Corbett?

Ans – Yes! You can camp in Jim Corbett, although make sure to camp in a dedicated location and stay away from animals.

3. Can I pitch my tent in Rishikesh?

Ans – Yes! As long as you camp on dedicated campsites or away from the main city. You can pitch your tent in any location, like riverside, jungle, mountain etc.

4. Is camping allowed in Dehradun?

Ans – Yes! It is one of the most popular camping destinations in Uttarakhand and India.

5. What is the rate of camping in Rishikesh?

Ans – If you are planning to book a resort then the rate depends on your resort type. Like if it’s a deluxe one, then the price might be 1000, but if it’s a premium then the price will go up to 2000. However, you can even book a dome or tent, which is a bit cheaper.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, Uttarakhand is filled with hundreds of amazing camping places, whether you want to camp in Rishikesh or want to camp amid the Himalayas in Chopta.

Moreover, you have the luxury of choosing from self-camping or booking a camping resort. Uttarakhand offers both facilities.

Some of the popular camping places in Uttarakhand are Rishikesh, Auli, Chopta, Dhanaulti etc.

However, before you embark on camping, you should get familiar with the rules and regulations for self-camping in that particular location and if you are planning to camp in a resort, then book it in advance.

Still, no matter what you choose – your experience will be memorable.

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