Explore Best Camping Places in Rishikesh in 2024

Looking for a perfect camping destination in Uttarakhand, India, that offers multiple places and types of camping, then look no further than Rishikesh – A camping Paradise of India.

Rishikesh, a city abundant with nature and rich in culture, provides unique and mesmerizing camping spots such as Shivpuri, Byasi, and more.

In fact, you can experience various types of camping in a serene, enchanting, and safe environment from which Riverside camping is extremely popular.

However, before you proceed with camping, you need to designate a location or suitable place for camping. So, here, I have included some amazing and Best Camping Places in Rishikesh.

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1. Is Rishikesh Best for Camping?


Before, I introduce you to the list of best camping places in Rishikesh, You should get familiar with the pros and cons of camping in Rishikesh. WHY? Because you have to be sure – Is Rishikesh a good place for camping?

Rest assured, as I can vow that when it comes to camping and adventure stuff, you will find more pros than cons.

  • The environment and landscape of Rishikesh are perfect for camping, adventure and natural retreats.
  • There are all four types of seasons to explore.
  • Variety of camping, like riverside, forest, mountain, beach, etc.
  • A wide space to pitch your tent.
  • Completely legal and freedom of camping.
  • An opportunity to interact with other campers.
  • There are some hidden gems to discover, like waterfalls, rock caves and more.

Talking about legality, then YES – Camping in Rishikesh is completely legal. And, when I’m walking about legal it’s for everyone, for solo campers, group campers and camping resorts.

That’s why every year thousands of people camp in Rishikesh with their own tents. Although there are some things you need to consider, like –

  • There is a permission factor. But, no one really uses it. So, just choose a safe and secluded area, and you’ll be fine.
  • Plus, try to stay away from the Ganga River -If possible, make a distance of at least 100 meters. Again, people do camp near the river, but not in the main city.
  • You are free to camp either beside the river or literally anywhere, as long as you make a significant distance from the main city.

Next, Is camping safe in Rishikesh? – then again YES! If you have chosen the right time and location, then it’s completely safe. However, there are some factors you should consider.

  • Avoid monsoon season
  • If you are solo camping, then don’t wander too far from the city or deep in the woods.

3. Types of Camping

Now, let’s delve into the main topic of our post. So, there are 4 major types of camping – I would say, more than types it’s the location or site, where you can camp in Rishikesh. These are –

  • Riverside camping in Rishikesh
  • Beach Camping in Rishikesh
  • Mountain camping in Rishikesh
  • Jungle camping in Rishikesh

I will explain each type in detail in the next part, along with their best locations or sites to experience them.

4. How to Choose the Right Campsite?

If you are not aware of the aspects you need to check for choosing the perfect camping spot, then here is a basic checklist

Location✅Choose a secluded and serene location, like riverside.
Water Supply✅ The site should be easily accessible
Terrain✅Riverside, mountain, forest etc
Safety✅Secluded but don’t go far and disaster-prone area.
Amenities✅Water supply, quiet, pleasing etc
Accessibility✅Choose a secluded and serene location, like the riverside.
Personal Preference✅Your trip, Your camping experience

5. Best Camping Places in Rishikesh

Now, we’re diving into the heart of this blog and your main query. Let’s explore this topic in detail yet in a simple and straightforward way.

A) Riverside Camping

Riverside camping is the most popular and commonplace for camping in Rishikesh. Picture-perfect surroundings, cool weather with an infinite supply of fresh water, what can you ask for more?

Most vlogs and YouTubers camp only on Riverside, because it’s perfect for everything, like for a good sleep, eating in pleasing surroundings and safety from wild animals. Now, for this, I got 3 amazing locations.

i) Shivpuri

Located on the bank of Ganga River, It is the most famous camping hub of Rishikesh where you can experience the most prestigious camping in Rishikesh.

To reach Shivpuri, you need to head towards the northeast of Rishikesh, accessible via NH7 and Rishikesh-Badrinath Road for at least 16 km.

Now, here you will encounter a myriad of camping resorts if you plan to book one. Besides this, there are amazing and easily accessible campsites for riverside camping.

For recommendation, you can choose any campsite near the riverside, or camp in a secluded area near Neelkanth road.

This location is also one of the best places for camping in Rishikesh for families and couples.

ii) Byasi

Byasi is another amazing destination for camping in Rishikesh. Plus, it is more quiet and serene compared to Shivpuri.

To reach here, you need to drive to the north of Rishikesh for 28 kilometers, which will take 40 to 45 minutes.

But, I can vow that the time and effort will be worth it thanks to its pleasant surroundings, stunning views, and plenty of other activities like rafting and trekking.

Don’t forget to have a bonfire at night; the campsites here have the facility for it. Moreover, you can explore nearby caves and rock formations.

iii) Phoolchatti

If you don’t want to go far from the main city of Rishikesh, then you can camp at Phoolchatti village. This village is just 5km away and will take only 15 to 20 minutes to reach.

Now, being a village, it is very tranquil and feels remote, but it’s quite famous for Phoolchatti Ashram and Neer Garh waterfall.

Plus, being located in proximity to the Ganga River, it has a huge area for camping on the bank. The area is pretty wide and safe. Don’t forget to visit the Neer Garh waterfall to gaze at the charming waterfall.

B) Mountain Camping

If you love trekking and adore sky-soaring mountain views, then you should try mountain camping. It’s my personal favorite because I’m a huge fan of high picturesque views, and Rishikesh has a couple of locations for this.

i) Neelkanth Road

For me, Neel Kanth Road is one of the two most famous locations for mountain camping, thanks to its panoramic mountain views and lush greenery with short hikes. YES! You can try short hikes to Neelkanth Road which adds another fun experience.

Now, as its name suggests, it’s the east road from Rishikesh but still, you need to drive up to 22 km which takes 30 to 35 minutes. But, I’m sure the location will surprise you.

On the road towards Neelkanth road, you will find several mountain camping sites, which are basically located on the cliff at a safe distance. Don’t wander on the edge, however, the altitude is not very high.

Make sure to try some secluded camping experiences, and short hikes and get your sight on Neer Garh waterfall.

ii) Byasi

Now, You might wonder, I did put Byasi for Riverside, but why is it here again? Well, what can I do? The place offers both riverside and mountain camping options.

First, as mentioned earlier, it is located northeast of Rishikesh and is at least 18 km away. Along the way, you will find several campsites offering riverside, jungle, and mountain views.

Because of its elevated location, you have the luxury of setting up camp on elevated areas for panoramic mountain views. For this, you might need to do some short hikes, but it also offers other activities and experiences like connecting with locals, exploring lush greenery, and more.

Whether you’re seeking stunning views, outdoor adventures, or simply a peaceful retreat in nature, Byasi offers an ideal mountain camping experience near Rishikesh.

C) Forest Camping

Well, if you love nature and seclusion, then Forest camping might be your type of camping. And, a lot of places offer this type of camping.

i) Neelkanth

Again, I included Neelkanth in Mountain camping, but along the road, there are several amazing and stunning Forest Campsites.

You heard RIGHT! Along the way, you will encounter plenty of forests, where you are free to camp, as long as there is a campsite, it’s safe and try not to interfere with the wildlife.

Now, the most amusing thing about this location is the tranquil environment away from the city noise. Plus, a cool temperature and plenty of wood for a fire.

Moreover, you can try short hikes, nature walks and exploration inside these forests. But don’t get swayed by the richness of nature, Try to stay in a limited area.

ii) Kaudiyala

Phoolchatti is another good option for forest camping. WHY? Because it’s a Village surrounded by dense and lush forests. So, YES! It’s safe and open for anyone to pitch their tent.

You can even explore the village in your spare time, but talking about camping, then you know that forest camping is known for its tranquil setting, rich flora and fauna.

Now, to pitch your tent, look for a place where people have previously camped. It might already be a perfect setting, and you can see remnants of their trips.

Don’t wander too deep in Phoolchatti’s surrounding forest and always keep track of your location. Try to choose a site that is near the main road.

Plus, you can even indulge in some extreme yoga and meditation amid nature while hearing the chirps of birds and feeling cool breezes.

D) Beach Camping

Although beach camping is not a major type in Rishikesh, but thanks to its mini beaches on the bank of the river, it’s perfect for couples, solo campers etc.

i) Byasi

For safe and legitimate beach camping, choose Byasi beach camping sites. WHY? Because you can camp directly on the sandy beaches of the Ganga and experience true beach plus riverside camping.

Be aware of high water levels, monsoons and floods. And, don’t expect to see a fully-fledged beach.

After reaching, you will get panoramic views of the flowing river and surrounding mountains with majestic sunsets and the opportunity to experience some memorable campfires.

Besides camping and bonfires, you have easy access to swimming, beach games and even river rafting, if it’s in your itinerary.

Again, to reach the site, you need to drive Northeast of Rishikesh up to 18 km (25-30 minutes)

ii) Shivpuri

Shivpuri is also known for its mini beaches that are accumulated by the Ganga rivers. Now, these beaches are also perfect for beach camping.

Besides, there is nothing major to discuss, same as before, here you can experience both camp and beach camping, watch marvelous sunsets, try beach games and more.

E) Best Places for Camping in Rishikesh for Families and Kids

For families and kids, you need to consider the location, safety, weather conditions, history of natural disasters and most of them the camping sites. For the there are several destinations, like –

  • Shivpuri
  • Byasi

F) Best Places for Camping in Rishikesh for Couples

If you are planning to camp as a romantic trip, then Rishikesh does have some exciting and enchanting locations like –

  • Beach Camping – Shivpuri, Byasi
  • Mountain camping – Neelkanth road, Phulchatti

6. What to Pack According to these Types?


A) Riverside-Specific Items:

  • Water shoes or sandals for river access
  • River rafting gear (if planning to raft)
  • Water sports equipment (kayak, paddleboard, etc.)
  • Life jackets or flotation devices
  • Waterproof bags or dry sacks for keeping items dry
  • Fishing gear (if interested in fishing)
  • Tow rope for securing items near the water

B) Mountain Camping:

  • Lightweight and warm clothing layers
  • Hiking backpack for day hikes
  • Map and compass or GPS device
  • Portable water filter or purification tablets
  • Emergency whistle or signaling device
  • Bear-resistant food containers (if in bear country)

C) Forest Camping:

  • Binoculars for wildlife viewing
  • Bug net or mesh tent for extra protection against insects
  • Tree identification guide (if interested in flora)
  • Waterproof bags or dry sacks for keeping items dry

D) Beach Camping:

  • Beach towel or blanket
  • Swimwear and snorkeling gear (if applicable)
  • Beach games (frisbee, beach ball, etc.)
  • Waterproof bags or dry sacks for keeping items dry
  • Beach umbrella or shade tent

7. Best time

The best time for camping in Rishikesh is typically from September to June. The weather is mostly suitable and somewhat pleasant during these months.

However, I would suggest choosing October and November. During these months, the temperature remains consistent throughout the day and night.

But you should consider other factors such as your family’s preferences, current weather conditions, school and office holidays, whether it’s the off-season or peak season, etc.

8. Dangers Associated with Camping Places in Rishikesh

While camping is a safe and enjoyable activity, considering Rishikesh’s geography and historical information, there are some potential dangers to be aware of. So, keep an eye out for them.

  • Weather – Keep track of the weather, especially in monsoon season.
  • Wild Animals – Don’t wander too deep in the forest, as you might encounter a wild animal.
  • Natural Disaster – Rishikesh is prone to floods, earthquakes and landslides, SO be aware of them.
  • Water Level – During monsoon or heavy rain, Ganga level reaches a dangerous level. So, avoid camping in Riverside.
  • Getting Lost – Avoid exploring suspicious, dangerous, or excessively secluded areas. There is always a possibility of getting lost in unfamiliar terrain.

9. Tips and Recommendations

To make sure your trip goes smoothly and you don’t face unnecessary problems or mess, here I’m providing some useful tips and some personal recommendations.

  • Check, if there is any legality in the location you are camping, like permission or something. However, it is not necessary.
  • Make sure to choose the right campsite, that is safe, easy to access, quiet, beautiful and more,
  • Buy proper camping gear, which includes a camping tent, sleeping bag, medical box, food instruments, suitable clothes etc.
  • Please, don’t litter on your site. Follow – Leave No Trace principle.
  • If you are planning to camp near the river, then don’t pollute the Holy Ganga River.
  • Take care of your essentials, like your mobile, purse, documents, gear etc.
  • Try to camp on the mountain, the view from the top is breathtaking.
  • Make sure to visit waterfalls, jungles and other tourist attractions on your visit.
  • Keep a mosquito or insect repellant.
  • Make sure to experience stargazing from the top of Neelkanth Road or any other mountain.
  • Socialize with fellow campers.
  • Watch captivating sunsets from the hill.


1. What is camping cost in Rishikesh?

Ans – Well, it entirely depends on your preference, like how many members are there, which type of equipment you have, what about food etc.

2. Which month is best for camping in Rishikesh?

Ans – Generally, September and afterward are a picture-perfect duration for camping. Especially, October due to its cool weather, that remains the same throughout the day.

3. Where can I pitch my tent in Rishikesh?

Ans – I would suggest camping a bit farther from the city, such as in the woods, riverside, or mountains. There, you have complete control over your camping experience.

4. When not to go to Rishikesh?

Ans – Monsoon is a little bit dangerous coz of its unpredictable weather, dangerous Ganga level and landslides. Besides this other natural disasters can be quite problematic depending on your location.

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, Rishikesh is a complete paradise for campers, thanks to its lush greenery, the Ganga River, serene environment, and numerous thrilling locations.

It depends entirely on your preferences, but I would suggest trying either riverside camping or mountain camping. Both offer equally fun, exciting, and memorable experiences.

Before heading out for camping, ensure to plan your trip thoroughly, including the costs, location, packing essentials, and timing.

Moreover, the main camping sites in Rishikesh are a bit away from the main city, such as Neelkanth Road, Byasi, and Shivpuri, where you have complete freedom to immerse yourself in nature.

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